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8:16pm 04-10-2021

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I am reading Butterflies are free for the second time. The concepts seem to be that of Advaita Vedanta. I am still having trouble being just the screen the movie is played on and not the player. This is going on for a long time. Do you have any suggestions?
Replied on: 1:19am 04-11-2021

Dear Gsil,

Not quite sure what you mean by "the screen the movie is played on and not the player." I thought I was quite clear in my book that you ARE the Player, and the movie is being created in your brain, which is projecting it out all around you as if you were wearing a virtual reality headset. So I don't know what I can say to you. Do you want to try again and rephrase your question?

3:02pm 04-10-2021

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Is the game worth the candle? Play the game.

Alan Watts

Replied on: 6:36pm 04-10-2021

Dear Randall,

Watts makes some good points. One of them - that the game must include both order and randomness - led me to think about the Model. What's the randomness in the Model? I think it is the fact that while the experience is set in stone, the reaction/response is not. In fact, the reaction/response is always in the full control of the Player's free will.

Just a thought....

7:46pm 04-06-2021

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What I mean to say is that I think it is a lot more fun to talk about experiences testing the model compared to the exact details of the model. But there wouldn't be a model that I'd be following if you Stephen weren't stoked about the details.

So instead of criticizing your approach I'll post a trip report.

Starting in December I was given an unprecedented opportunity to let go of my judgement of "losing all of my money."

Things had gotten so that I wouldn't even look at my bank account. I didn't want to see the low amount. But I did have another reason that has nothing to do with judgement; I didn't want to make it difficult for miracles to happen. I reasoned that if I didn't look, then things could flow according to a truly astonishing outcome without the hindrance of me collapsing the wave function every day when I look at the account.

There I was, no job, no prospects, no health insurance, sort of like Stephen describes happening at one point in his life. There were no government benefits coming in and I was told that I wasn't entitled to any. I also received notice that I owed a large sum (over $6,000USD) to an account which I thought had been settled.

There is nothing quite like losing it all to freshen things up. That is just what that experience was doing. Suddenly I was looking through a fresh set of eyes with nothing to protect. It looked to me like I was going to lose it all, the house, the family and also my health all seemed suddenly on the chopping block.

I reasoned that if the house and the dogs and the family and my health caused me worry instead of joy, that I was truly better off without them. One can spend their whole life trying not to lose what they hold precious and spend a life in angst with few to no precious moments experienced. That can happen inside a palace surrounded by boundless material wealth and health...and I know that it often does.

So then I suddenly knew what Jesus meant when he said "And if thine eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee: it is better for thee to enter into life with one eye, rather than having two eyes to be cast into hell fire."

No blessing is a blessing if one's time is spent trying to protect it or worrying about it.

So sometime in there money started to flow like an incoming tide at the Bay of Fundy. The debt was cancelled, my bank account was stuffed with cash.

Now listen to this. That amount of money in my bank account seemed like so much. When I saw it it seemed to me to be overflowing. Yet this was less money than I'd previously had allowed myself to find acceptable. So which would you rather have; a large bank balance and an impression of lack or a small bank balance and an impression of bounty?

Now listen to this super ironic thing; I called the bank and said "hey, um oh, I don't seem to have mortgage money right now." They replied with "no problem, just stop paying it till you get some money." That really made me laugh because I kept meaning to write to Stephen and say to him that his work too often emphasized "windfall such as not having having the bank cancel mortgage" and suddenly I did not have to pay the mortgage.

Also out of the blue I found myself with the finest health insurance with no cost to me no copays, just go to the doctor and to the pharmacist. I did go and see those and each gave me services at no charge.

I received a job offer working with people that I find fun and exciting and doing interesting work. I've accepted it and we are all starting to get super excited about the work.

Of course now I'm being given new opportunities to drop judgement and to stop trying to protect other things that I hold precious. I don't expect this sort of thing to ever stop. I will be completely satisfied for that to be the journey and destination all rolled into one.

So the Infinite-I model is holding up. And that same can probably be said for the simulation model.

Here's a juicy bit of information about something I've come to notice- Do you remember in the movie The Matrix that Deja Vu is a sign of a glitch in the Matrix? Well in our reality instead of Deja Vu it is irony... and its not a glitch, its something else. But irony is a big deal so watch for it. Maybe we'll find out something about it. Maybe its a sign that tides are turning. For now, to me it is some sort of assurance from...?
Replied on: 12:23am 04-07-2021

Dear Tom,

Great, GREAT story! And spot on. Yes, it seems that the Model works, and I appreciate hearing about your experiences with it. Keep us posted!

10:32pm 04-05-2021

Location (State or Country)

Far from confirmed-

What happened to the discussions of models? That is the appeal of the Holographic Universe series and Butterflies are free. Stephen is (was) very clear that "we are talking about a model here" in those works. More recently it seems that the conversation has "arrived" at "this is how things are."

The Microsoft EXCEL software can fit a curve to a group of data giving the user the choice about whether to make the curve linear or to choose the order of the polynomial of that curve. These curves and equations are models which approximate the actual the behavior of phenomena. One can plug variables into this model and useful output is assured.

Stephen proposed a model to us where you can do things like hand out all the money from your 401k out on the street, smiling as you distribute $50s and $100s from 40 years of saving and rest assured that there were no consequences because your experience was likely to conform to a a model in which one is a player for an Infinite I in a Holographic Universe. Some of us tried these types of things and the results are hilarious, preposterous, confounding and predictable in that they are in no way predictable.

The Simulation Model may come in handy but I don't think there is any way that humans are right about this. If you've got any experience with humans, then you already know why they aren't right about these sorts of things.

But if your life experiences haven't revealed that about humans here's the most excellent treatise on the subject of humans and their knowing and habits and what comes of their actions and plans and beliefs. It also proposes a model and if you look at it closely in many ways it parallels the models Stephen has introduced us to.

I'd love to hear some feedback on this book

Replied on: 1:12am 04-06-2021

Dear Tom,

When research (like the double slit experiment) proves that electrons are waves until observed by consciousness, we need to adjust our thinking accordingly. The article Randall referred to is suggesting (among other things) that the speed of light proves we are living in a simulation, and offers some (apparently) pretty good logic to back up this theory.

For me, proof like that simply supports The Model I suggest in my book - which remains a model that still needs to be tested in real life. But we shouldn't ignore valid research that can take that model and support it, and expand it.

My point is that using YOUR logic, when the double slit experiment was first performed on electrons by Davisson and Germer in 1927, you would have said that "I don't think there is any way that humans are right about this. If you've got any experience with humans, then you already know why they aren't right about these sorts of things."

For me, the question of whether we live in a holographic universe has been answered. But exactly who is calling the shots (creating our experiences) is not quite as clear. If we indeed live in a simulation, it gives us a clue to who that might be (i.e., a better understanding of the identity of the "Infinite I"). I find that to be an exciting prospect, and therefore I take the approach of: If Fouad Khan is right, let's assume a simulation, and now what would that mean in our daily lives?

After all, don't forget we're on a ride in an amusement park, as Bill Hicks would say, and try not to take it so seriously.

I will try to find the time to listen to Mark Twain's book. Thanks for the link.

7:35pm 04-04-2021

Location (State or Country)

Confirmed! We Live in a Simulation


But even if we assume that the character and the environment are separate, the character does not need a visual projection of its point of view in order to interact with the environment.
Replied on: 12:41am 04-05-2021

Dear Randall,

I absolutely LOVE articles like this. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

I don't claim to understand it all, but when he says "The speed of light is a hardware artifact showing we live in a simulated universe" - that I get. And the logic behind it is beautiful, and hopefully true.

And then, "we must not forget what the simulation hypothesis really is. It is the ultimate conspiracy theory. The mother of all conspiracy theories, the one that says that everything, with the exception of nothing, is fake and a conspiracy designed to fool our senses. All our worst fears about powerful forces at play controlling our lives unbeknownst to us, have now come true. And yet this absolute powerlessness, this perfect deceit offers us no way out in its reveal. All we can do is come to terms with the reality of the simulation and make of it what we can." So well said! And in my mind underlines the whole point I was trying to make in my book: We have no power to change the experience, only the free will to choose how we want to react and/or respond to it - "make of it what we can."

I'm really stoked after reading this article!!!! Thanks again!

7:35pm 02-18-2021

Location (State or Country)

Dear Stephen,

In my thinking both your model incorporating the Infinite-I and the simulation hypothesis are useful. I doubt that either though is accurate.

One is however much more elegant, well thought out, cool, original, surprising, fun, inspiring, warm, comforting, fear-destroying and delightful and that is the model that incorporates the Infinite-I.

In terms of delightful I recommend anyone to listen at the point in which two Infinite-Is from Infinite-land are playing games and one decides to create and use a different kind of player called "female", and to do the equivalent of tying one hand behind the player's back. It it something you could read to a child and it would leave them transfixed and asking to be read those parts over and over.

There are no accurate models in this world so why not go for delightful and useful.

A lot of folks (non-existent dream characters) seem to be hopping on the simulation hypothesis bandwagon. I find it interesting but it feels cold whereas the Infinite-I model has a warmth about it.

As for the suggestion that any of your work might be improved-

I saw the first Star Wars movie when I was seventeen in a movie theater about two weeks after its initial release. That movie was all done with scale models and was so super cool. Then years later George Lucas got it in his head that new is better and chose to revise his own work to include lots of CGI. And he replaced the gritty-cool vibe with tepid changes such as to have "Greedo shoot first" rather than to have Han shoot first as was done in the original movie.

Here's a parody video of Gotye's "somebody that I used to know" which makes fun of George Lucas second guessing and changing the creation of the original star wars movie

Nothing could be better than the book and video series exactly the way they are. I have listened to parts of these works hundreds of times in my car and while going to sleep.
Replied on: 12:33am 04-05-2021

Dear Tom,

I have to apologize.... For some reason, I did not become aware of this comment until tonight (April 4, 2021). Don't know how it fell through the cracks, but it did.

As for your statement that the simulation hypothesis "feels cold whereas the Infinite-I model has a warmth about it," that may simply be the result of learning how to talk about it - what language to use - since the whole simulation concept is so new. For example, please take a look at Randall's comment above and go read the actual article and then let me know what you think....

Like the sentence, "as with characters in Grand Theft Auto, our product mostly likely is for the benefit of someone experiencing our lives through us." I immediately went to that imaginary conversation between two Infinite Is that you mentioned from my book.

4:17pm 02-17-2021

Location (State or Country)

Well said, Tom!

I would, however, like to expand on my agreement with Paul about the term “Infinite I.” Yes, you're right: "the moniker is fun and thought provoking." But it simply may not be accurate. At the time of writing my book, I was not aware of the possibilities of ancestor simulations. Perhaps I should have been, because 7 years earlier Bostrom had come up with his Simulation Hypothesis, and Philip K. Dick was even earlier – in 1977. But I wasn't aware. All I knew is that whatever – whoever – was creating our holographic experiences had to be on the other side of The Field that was used to choose certain frequencies. Since we are finite, I reasoned that that "whatever – whoever" would be Infinite.

That could easily not be true. If, as Neil deGrasse Tyson suggests, it is a "some snot-nosed kid sitting in front of his computer in the basement of his parents' house somewhere in an alien civilization programming our world purely for his own entertainment," then that "kid" doesn't have to be "Infinite." But he/she is still outside the Field he/she is using to create our ancestor simulation. So, the Kid qualifies to be my Infinite I, in terms of fulfilling all the functions I assign to an Infinite I, without actually being Infinite.

As I said, I'm leaning heavily in this direction at the moment, and I think the coming years will shed a lot more light on computer simulations and maybe we'll get a better idea and a better name for my Infinite I. Meanwhile, keep a look out for a new film by Rodney Ascher called "A Glitch in the Matrix."

8:24pm 02-16-2021

Location (State or Country)

I’m speaking to a few of Paul’s points. Paul please know that I’m glad to see your post and for there to be another interesting voice here.
Folks, I hope that I never see changes in the book or in the video presentations. That is a super slippery slope. If you find yourself needing to reread the book to understand the concepts know you’re your aren’t alone. It is a lot of material. Consider putting the audio recording on when you go to sleep. You can start at different points in the presentation and after a few months there will be few gaps in your understanding of the model.
As for the name “Infinite-I”. I think the Infinite-I is a super useful part of the model and also the moniker is fun and thought provoking.
I wrote (a few posts down) "I don't hold the understanding that there's an "Infinite I"". The reason I wrote that is because it is very easy to inadvertently develop a belief system around Stephen’s work. So while I don’t believe in an Infinite-I I do make extensive use of that model. I also know that Newtonian Mechanics do not really explain what we call the physical universe. But that doesn’t stop me from using the math to daily predict the behavior of physical systems in my profession.
With respect to Stephen’s personal experiences being part of his work…
I have ( in my imagination ) experienced Stephen’s interaction with the woman who parked her car where he had planned for a certain ambiance, I have (vicariously) captained the Cairos in tranquil seas and yet I was still “not happy”, and I have (in my mind) lived with a child who was vocalizing in a shrill tone. I have (in my imaginings) experienced Stephen’s path with various teachers and gurus including those who lost their way. I’ve shared (for reals) encounters with extreme pain and injury with Stephen and also put myself into his shoes, relying on my ex-wife and her husband to care for me. I do this same thing with other people in my life. I put myself into the situations they describe and I watch my responses and look for judgement and it’s limiting effect in my own life. Compared to seeing only through my own eyes this has greatly accelerated my study of judgement. Paul if you post about your experiences it is likely that I will also examine what my responses to your experiences are. Stephen’s accounts of navigating his experiences are integral to the purpose of his work.
But I’m posting this for the fun of it because it doesn’t matter if Stephen’s work is changed. I don’t really have any advice for anyone and the appearance of advice is just more of me having some fun here.
It may be that Stephen’s work will stand the test of time and stand as it is. Or it may, as so much philosophy and spiritual writing is- be lost or changed over time until his message is barely recognizable and his intentions all but lost. If so then that’s just how it ought to go.

“The sense of doership is false. You are a witness; so remain like that. This is the only practice that you should perform.”
Nisargadatta Majaraj
Replied on: 2:21pm 02-17-2021

Dear Tom,

Well said!

9:49am 02-15-2021

Location (State or Country)

Behold, I am thy friend and I am against thee, and will draw forth my sword out of his sheath, and will cut off from thee the righteous and the wicked alike. And the nation shall wail and the city shall close its gates against thee and I will leave thee thrown into the wilderness.

Lo! Thy days of filth are numbered and thy days of controversy are numbered and thy days in the siegeless city are numbered. From the pains of the living death shall I deliver thee, from the sorrows of hell art thou promised. Only die, and I shall deal bountifully with thee.

-The Gospel of Truth, Spiritual Warfare
8:35pm 02-14-2021

Location (State or Country)

Yes. Right out of your book.
6:39pm 02-14-2021

Location (State or Country)

Nothing need be changed fixed or improved.
Replied on: 8:09pm 02-14-2021

Dear Randall,

That sounds familiar!

6:14am 02-14-2021
Paul Thompson

Location (State or Country)

United Kingdom
Hi Stephen,
my "awakening" had been stalled for many years as I've spent a lot of time in the library browsing through the various sections such as spirituality, religion, philosophy etc looking for a "genuine" guide to the process; it wasn't until October 2019 (when I was 59!) that Jed McKenna & Damnedest fell into my lap that things started to progress, and since then my life hasn't been the same. So, I was excited to come across your (free!) book recently which gives a slightly different perspective on the journey and to be able to compare your experiences. I'm currently on my second reading of your book and would like to make a few observations which I hope you won't be offended by. Firstly I feel the book is overly long, whilst it is an engrossing read, due to it's length I feel that your core message get's diluted with a lot of digressions that result in me having to constantly flick back through the pages to refresh my memory. A "condensed" version would be most welcome. (Maybe I should buy some PDF editing software and produce one for myself?)
Following on from that I feel that there is too much personal information that doesn't really add to your message and can be a bit of a distraction; as Jed often states the book is about the message not the author.
Finally I feel that some of your terminology can be a bit misleading, for example "Infinite I", though you emphasize your meaning of the phrase, the ego can latch onto it and interpret it as a "destination" or a higher self to aspire to, it can also be interpreted to mean that there are an infinite number of Infinite I's, abiding non-dual awareness as Jed would say, so I tend to paraphrase your writing and use the term "The Infinite" in it's place.
I was going to ask you about the second book that you hinted about, but from reading previous comments I see you have some serious health issues to deal with; sorry to hear that and hope you're coping ok. I also hope you will take my comments in the spirit I intended, and apologise for quoting Jed several times, not trying to undermine your words as I feel you two are the only "genuine" authors on this subject.
Thank you for reading this and making your book freely available.

Replied on: 11:58am 02-14-2021

Dear Paul,

I am not offended in the slightest by your comments. I might not agree with them, but no offense taken.

I also don't mind at all that you quoted Jed McKenna several times. I quote him a lot more than that!

The one thing I WILL agree with is your criticism of the term "Infinite I" - but not for the reasons you stated. I think I was pretty clear in my book that finding a term for the consciousness on the other side of the Field that is choosing our holographic experiences was the most difficult task in designing the Model. I definitely did NOT want to use "Higher Self." But in the past 10 years after writing the book, and with the new research into ancestor simulations, I am now leaning toward that "snot-nosed kid" (Neil deGrasse Tyson) sitting in front of his/her computer in the basement of his/her parents house on a planet in the constellation of the Southern Cross as that consciousness - which is what my second book is all about (https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/1007037)

And you should like the fact that it is a VERY short ebook.

6:53am 02-12-2021

Location (State or Country)

Dear Stephen,

I am listening to the audio book again. To be honest, in the cocoon, I did stop and continue the dream from time to time until my II decided it's time for me to wake up. I am grateful for the opportunity to, once again, see the truth more clearly which has been brilliantly presented in your book. The Model does work and is very helpful on my journey to true peace and happiness.

With deep love and gratitude to you!

Replied on: 11:21am 02-12-2021

Dear Thuy,

So good to hear from you again!

12:43pm 02-04-2021

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In the holographic universe workshop series, I talk about how quantum computing will be the next step in technological advances. That may have sounded sci-fi-ish 10 years ago, but it should come as no surprise today. There's a news story on Yahoo about that... https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/ibm-quantum-computing-speedup-050134678.html
9:52am 01-08-2021
Randall Scott

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Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming "Wow! What a Ride!”
― Hunter S. Thompson, The Proud Highway: Saga of a Desperate Southern Gentleman, 1955-1967
Replied on: 2:35pm 01-08-2021

Dear Randall,

Thanks for this. If it's true, I can be proud that I am skidding in broadside. It HAS been quite a life that I have enjoyed - more like 10 lives wrapped up into one body. No wonder it's used up and worn out. And yes, What a Ride!

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