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9:07am 11-13-2019

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Hello I just wanted to say thank you. Your book has been a lot of help in my awakening. The path across the mountains is long and difficult. I will be there soon. Thanks again Cary
Replied on: 3:17pm 11-13-2019

Dear Cary,

You're welcome. But a word of caution.... don't make the trip across the mountains any longer or more difficult than it actually is with a belief that it is "long and difficult." Understand? In other words, you might want to do Spiritual Autolysis on the belief that "the path across the mountains is long and difficult."

4:46am 11-13-2019

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Dear Stephen,
I can't thank you enough for this priceless book (butterflies are free to fly). According to you this world we are living in is not real and it's a unique holographic projection from our own brain.
The questions are:
1- is the holographic projection production of brain?
2- is the brain independent of the holographic projection or a part of it?
3- as you mentioned in " Plato's cave " the real world is behind the people and they see only the projection of it. Now as you said our unreal world is the holographic projection from our own brain.
Thanks you so much
Replied on: 3:19pm 11-13-2019

Dear Ela,

Excellent questions that require proper answers, so I want to take some time before responding. Just didn't want you to think I was ignoring you.

7:01pm 11-11-2019
stephen davis

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Dear Ian (see below),

I have now had the opportunity to do what you suggested... "visit The Word Foundation and read the Foreword and Introduction to Thinking and Destiny by Harold Waldwin Percival." If this work floats your boat, go for it. For me, it sounds like virtually every other New Age belief system (albeit, a very sophisticated one) that goes nowhere except around and around the back of the movie theater....

It doesn't take long to discover some basic premises of the book. For example, from the Author's Forward: "The special purpose of this book is: To tell the conscious selves in human bodies that we are inseparable doer parts of consciously immortal individual trinities, Triune Selves, who, within and beyond time, lived with our great thinker and knower parts in perfect sexless bodies in the Realm of Permanence; that we, the conscious selves now in human bodies, failed in a crucial test, and thereby exiled ourselves from that Realm of Permanence into this temporal man and woman world of birth and death and re-existence; that we have no memory of this because we put ourselves into a self-hypnotic sleep, to dream; that we will continue to dream through life, through death and back again to life; that we must continue to do this until we de-hypnotize, wake, ourselves out of the hypnosis into which we put ourselves; that, however long it takes, we must awake from our dream, become conscious of ourselves as ourselves in our bodies, and then regenerate and restore our bodies to everlasting life in our home—The Realm of Permanence from which we came—which permeates this world of ours, but is not seen by mortal eyes. Then we will consciously take our places and continue our parts in the Eternal Order of Progression." (Ho, Hum!)

And here's how one reviewer put it: "The grand goal here, at least from the point of this book, is to teach you how to operate as an immortal, eternal being." So the reader must start off believing that they (and everyone else) is an "immortal, eternal being." But no where does Percival offer any proof for that premise, nor has anyone else in the history of philosophy been able to offer any proof that this is true. Just another belief system we are supposed to swallow as gospel. True, as I say in my book, most people will like this premise because of a very basic, underlying fear of non-existence when they die, but that still doesn't make it true. Just wishful thinking. And if you do Spiritual Autolysis on the belief you are an "immortal, eternal being," it becomes obvious that it is just based on fear and isn't true.

So I did not find anything 1) new or 2) useful in "Thinking and Destiny." That doesn't mean it can't get someone to the Pacific Ocean, and I mean no judgment of it by these comments. But it's not for me, and I doubt my readers will be interested either.
7:10am 11-11-2019
ian pemberton

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Hello Stephen,
I have been watching The Holographic Universe workshops on Youtube.
I have known for many years that I am not my physical body and that I am dreaming within a holographic projection.
If you go to the link that I have left here in the comments you may just find a lot more information about how and why we are here.
Consciousness is the final and ultimate reality,but consciousness itself is an illusion.
Here is the link https://thewordfoundation.org/
Hello all,may I suggest that you visit The Word Foundation and read the Foreword and Introduction to Thinking and Destiny by Harold Waldwin Percival.The whole book can be read for free online.
Replied on: 3:45pm 11-11-2019

Dear Ian,

This Guestbook is designed to explore how other Players are experiencing The Model outlined in my book, not to advertise other Models. However, I also do not consider "my" Model to be the only path to the Pacific Ocean - only a path that worked for me and others that is fairly clear and easy to follow and doesn't just wander around the back of the movie theater rehashing old theories and going nowhere.

I have not had time to explore Percival's model and am certainly not endorsing it by allowing your comment to appear on this Guestbook. I have no idea yet whether Percival made it to the Pacific, or the value of the path he chose. But I did not want to delay other players from looking at Percival's work and deciding for themselves. So I am letting your comment stand until such time as I can make a studied review of it.

8:12pm 10-31-2019
Tom Pavlik

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“If a man wishes to be sure of the road he treads on, he must close his eyes and walk in the dark.”

― St. John of the Cross
Replied on: 12:56pm 11-01-2019

Dear Tom,

Nice quote. Reminds me of "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" when he had to close his eyes and step out from a canyon wall and risk falling into a deep gorge, not knowing there was a camouflaged bridge that would take him across to the other side. If someone hasn't seen that clip, it's here... https://drive.google.com/file/d/0By9X7CaHqt8NSHZLend3aTdHUTQ/view

8:39pm 10-22-2019

Location (State or Country)

I’m a long time lurker who’s been exploring and testing my hologram for years. I’m still learning to let go and stop pretending I’m in the driver’s seat.

The other day I was at a local coffeehouse enjoying a cup of decaf. Someone sat beside me with an open laptop playing a soccer game in a foreign language. My first reaction was to get annoyed and want to indignantly ask him to turn it down. But then I thought, Maybe there’s a reason why my Infinite I put this person in my hologram. So I started watching the game, and next thing I know I’m getting engrossed in it despite not understanding what was being said! Eventually I think the man got annoyed at MY interest and left. The whole experience made me chuckle and appreciate my II.
Replied on: 1:19pm 10-23-2019

Dear Motyli,

Some very interesting things can happen when you stop and decide to try a different reaction/response to your experience, as you found out. Well done!

12:09pm 10-18-2019
Randall C Scott

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It’s in the space after the exhale and before the inhale.

That’s where I found it. That’s where I found this book. That’s precisely when what’s being said in this book can get in. That’s the time you can take to peel the layers. A time nothing can be perceived as an impediment to moving deeper inward, distilling the falseness in you like pouring hot water over a sugar cube.
Replied on: 1:00pm 10-18-2019

Dear Randall,

Well said!

12:57pm 10-12-2019
Randall C Scott

Location (State or Country)

How the Universe Stopped Making Sense

1:17pm 10-11-2019

Location (State or Country)

Thanks very much for that explanation Stephen. Like Ken, I found myself perplexed at your involvement in AIDS and you interest in providing information about that, and now about your involvement and interest in providing new information about a cause of school shootings. After asking you about it once or twice, and still not really being able to see your point of view, I just considered that this was just another bit of oddness in my reality (to have the player who introduced me to dropping judgement and seeing through the facade seeming to be himself judging and being part of the facade).

But now I understand that you think it is enjoyable to explore the boundaries of what might be changeable in your hologram. I can see how that would be fun; like walking around in a video game environment and testing which objects are in play and which aren't.

Through this discussion I realize that I do some of that myself (and now, through these discussions I realize that I might find it enjoyable to do more).

Recently for example I really "had it out" with someone. During an ostensibly heated diatribe I was making points about what I thought needed to change. But while I was doing it I looked at the stage and considered that I could just walk off, with no consequences, but I didn't because I realized was exploring and enjoying myself. So instead I thought to myself "hmm, I wonder if this exchange will be part of a story in which things do change, (in probably unexpected ways). So I stayed on the stage, and when I had read my lines, (which were charged with dramatic intonations) I didn't experience any of the guilt or emotional hangover that I had in days gone by in which I was really emotionally involved. And I thought "hey, this is kind of cool, I'm on the stage monkeying around".

So thanks for that explanation.

Can you post a link to the video on school shootings that you and Ken were discussing?
Replied on: 6:08pm 10-11-2019

Dear Tom,

I'm so glad you got what I was trying to say. I found it difficult to explain this concept, especially to someone like Ken who still has a ways to go in the cocoon. It's like saying that I love to surf the waves in the Pacific. "But I thought you said the waves weren't real and could hold us back from being butterflies!"

And I'm glad you've had a chance for yourself to experience the glorious freedom found on the stage.

By the way, I wrote both books on HIV/AIDS long before I became a butterfly. Although I haven't looked at them carefully in a long time, I bet I would write the same books today for the same reason.

The link to the video where Ken first left a comment is...
although it looks like he has deleted his comment from the YouTube page.

The Facebook page that I created around the new book is...

7:13pm 10-10-2019
Dear Ken,

I decided to try one more time, because I’ve never really been satisfied with my answers to you. So here’s an analogy…

You live in a hologram where one of the walls is painted brown. Before even knowing what a butterfly is, you have a belief that no wall should ever be painted brown, that whoever painted the wall brown to begin with was SO “wrong,” and you obsess over painting the wall blue instead. But it never happens, and your ego gets more and more adamant about the whole brown wall thing.

Then you enter your cocoon and start doing the work. And you learn that the wall isn’t real (even though it appears to be), and you process the belief that no wall should ever be painted brown and discover that that simply isn’t true, and you no longer think that whoever painted the wall brown to begin with was “wrong” to do so, and you let go of some layers of the ego that kept this whole brown wall thing going.

You experience a lot of relief (solace) by letting go of all that and decide – especially since the brown wall is not real – it’s perfectly fine the way it is and you no longer want to paint it blue. In fact, you decide 1) that it isn’t possible to paint it blue, and 2) that anyone who wants to change the color of the walls in their hologram is wrong for wanting to do so, just like you were before the cocoon. That’s exactly how the ego fights back against its own pending demise.

If you continue to do the work and keep hacking away at that ego, you will discover that 1) despite not being real, that brown wall is still there in your hologram, and 2) you would really prefer that wall to be blue – but solely from excitement and without any judgment or obsession – that you feel like a blue wall would improve your holographic environment. So you set about to see if you can repaint it blue, not because it’s wrong to be brown or because it NEEDS to change, but because you’re playing a game that might look even cooler if played against a blue background. Maybe you can change it, maybe you can’t. But you have fun trying and are not attached to the outcome.

Your Infinite I, of course, is probably not going to let you paint the wall blue as long as there are any beliefs, judgments, fears, etc. associated with your desire. And if you are disappointed or feel discomfort when you can’t change the color, you’ll know there is still work to do. But I doubt an Infinite I is going to object to a motivation of pure excitement and might also be curious how the game would look against a blue wall. But you’ll never know if you’ve formed another belief/judgment that “I can’t change a damn thing about the world out there” and give up your preference for a blue wall.

Yes, it’s important in the beginning to accept the holographic experiences presented to you without wanting to change anything, because that’s the way you find out what your Infinite I has planned for you and get your ego out of the way. But somewhere along the path as you get close to the Pacific Ocean, you have to take the step to speak up when something in your hologram isn’t the way you would like to see it. That way, either your Infinite I will create more specific experiences to show you what you have left to work on, or it will support you by making that change in your hologram.

As long as that unreal wall keeps appearing in my hologram, I’m simply in the process of seeing whether I can paint it blue.
1:36pm 10-10-2019

Location (State or Country)

Washington USA
As it is told, Jed McKenna was being interviewed about ego and during that he said that he'd dropped it. The reporter and Jed then had an exchange along these lines

"So you have no ego"

"I have an ego"

"I thought you said that you dropped it"

"I did, but I needed something to wear"

That dialogue doesn't capture the essence of ego, but I know what the author was trying to capture in writing that and I like it.

There have been a few comments about identity here recently, and they aren't lost on me; identification with one's "dream character" can be the source of a lot of suffering. But like Jed, I need something to wear.

My favorite example for a discussion of identity is a certain type of Harley Davidson aficionado. The person doesn't just have the bike, they have the bandanna, the leather vest, the chaps, they have a specific hairstyle, they hang out at a specific type of bar and they often have a significant-other who is also dripping in the trappings of all things "Harley Davidson Motorcycle Gang". Some of these folks actually are in motorcycle gangs, and others go into work on Monday mornings and have desk jobs. In either case its an outfit. The outfit is distinctive and well developed and thought out, with lots of opportunity to accessorize and for these and other reasons it is widely adopted.

Some people realize they are wearing that outfit, others think they are the outfit.

Until I see that there is some other path here, I'll keep wearing outfits because there doesn't seem to be much else to do.

Ego is ever-ready to identify with the outfit and to think that it can protect it and then it feels threatened and tries to take the helm. Identification with outfits with names such as "employed", "healthy" , and "financially-secure" are where my ego likes to focus its plans for control. One particularly challenging identity that I find myself processing is called something like "parent of a healthy, employed and financially secure son". When ego is running mad those identities are always perceived as threatened and it is no fun.

I've played with drifting about as pure mental energy (joking here but I think you get my point), with all my non-thinking in the realm of non-self. That goes on for awhile and then I see some fun hobby or other thing I want to do out in the world and I eagerly put on the outfit. I like both of those types of experiences.

Most recently I've donned an outfit that is called "bird hunter" it includes a gun and shells, rubber boots, and other specialized clothing. Some of the players supporting it include Grouse and Pheasants, a Labrador retriever, new friends and my son.

I'm not sure how much of any of this is choice. I tend to lean pretty far into the determinism camp but I do have to concede that there seems to be something else at play, such as Stephen's model suggests.
Replied on: 1:46pm 10-10-2019

Dear Tom,

An excellent contribution, as always.

1:43am 10-10-2019
Ken Again

Location (State or Country)

I accept you and all of your hypocrisy in this moment. If the viewpoint of a “butterfly” is indistinguishable from that of someone in a cocoon, mired in belief, and fear, what value does it have? It’s obvious that like the AIDS/HIV topic you are at it once again, this time about child spree shooters. It’s as if you ignored your own material..this is blatantly obvious. It’s amazing that you don’t see it (to be clear, you sound nothing like a person who takes a neutral position, you sound like that crazy uncle during Thanksgiving...the way you point your finger is so curmudgeonly). Admitting that about you IS a neutral position...notice I didn’t say being the crazy uncle is wrong or bad-eh?

Anyways, I accept everything you said in response to my last comment, and thank you for taking the time to do so. The more I do the work, the more I realize I am not in control and can’t change a damn thing about the world out there, and this gives me solace...is that a fatalistic outlook? no. It’s called acceptance and remaining neutral during the entire process. I don’t see a hologram full of problems for me to solve. I see an amazing world filled with anything one’s heart can desire. Peace Crazy Uncle, I love you for all of it.
Replied on: 2:00pm 10-10-2019

Dear Ken,

Let me be extremely clear.... if I happen to see some parent whipping their child, I am going to (most likely) step in between them and the child to stop it. If I see a human whipping a dog, same thing. If you want to call that "hypocrisy," feel free. If you choose to simply stand by and watch this happen in YOUR hologram, I do not judge you as "wrong." However, I will say that if Rosa Parks had decided that her "solace" was more exciting to her than her civil rights, we'd all still be using separate bus seats.

What you don't yet understand (and won't until you've done the work) is that you can remain neutral and still play the game, and it doesn't mean you have to accept everything that's going on in the game. Perhaps in the beginning of the cocoon total acceptance is a good viewpoint to take, to help let go of judgments. But the ego can easily take total acceptance and twist it for its own use.

Once you've done the work, you will be able to appreciate butterflies who take on an identity to play a game, as Tom describes so well in his comment above. But there's no point in continuing this conversation until that time comes.

7:51pm 10-09-2019

Location (State or Country)

Hello Stephen, I’m the dude who has been trying to wrap my mind around the topic of your latest book (children who shoot up their school) via our contact in the comment thread there on YouTube. In the process of addressing this situation I realized some confusion I may have about The Model. The back and forth we’ve had on YouTube feels more like a pissing contest than an actual processing of the topic. Being that a model is amenable to change, I feel that overall the exchange has been illuminating. The following is a simplification of how I applied The Model to address this:

Premise 1: School shootings, spree shootings, the so-called opioid epidemic, the idea that Baby Boomers will be the first generation ever to leave the game in worse shape than they received it; these are all beliefs based on judgments inside of the movie theater.

Premise 2: We can choose to stay shackled to our seat in the movie theater, and believe that the spree shooter movie is real, or we can get up and leave at any time.

Conclusion: There is no gun violence, etc, etc, “out there”, it all only exists in the movie theater.

am I missing something? Thanks.
Replied on: 9:40pm 10-09-2019

Dear Ken,

Everything you say is a totally valid viewpoint to have (with maybe an exception that you think we're in a pissing contest).

Premise 1 is true. Premise 2 is true. Your conclusion is true.

What I suggest that you're missing, however, is the viewpoint of a butterfly who has done The Work in the cocoon and can see things a little differently. So let me give you my perspective....

I see a hologram in which parents are teaching their children that violence is the best way to handle interpersonal problems by inflicting pain through corporal punishment. It is now a well established fact that these parents are literally creating violent criminals, some of whom go around shooting up their schools. I do not judge the parents to be wrong, or the hologram to be wrong. But I do know there is a different hologram that could be in place which would be a lot more pleasant to live in, for me and a lot of other people. And I am totally free to work to change it.

A butterfly is not limited to looking at the hologram, saying that it's not real, and therefore there's nothing about it that could or should change. What a fatalistic viewpoint! A butterfly doesn't have to sit there quietly and do nothing.

So as a butterfly, I am free to engage the hologram I'm in and try to outlaw corporal punishment. It's a game that I am excited about playing, and that's really all there is to it.

I'm sure you can spot your own judgment of me, suggesting that I'm "wrong" for making the gun violence real. But you will find that you don't have to make something in the game real in order to play. You're right... making it real would be a violation of The Model. Simply playing the game, however, is not.

And I would respectfully ask that you do a lot of Work (The Process and Spiritual Autolysis) and get out of your cocoon before we continue any discussions like this. I guarantee you will find that your perceptions and understandings will change as you take back a lot of the power your ego now has over your thinking.

9:43pm 10-01-2019
Thuy Khanh

Location (State or Country)

Dear Stephen,

I remember in one of Jed McKenna's books, he said that he enjoyed letting his mind wander where it wanted to while he was doing the dishes like a monkey mind. Could you please give us more insight on Thich Nhat Hanh and other spiritual practice that promote being here and now, like meditate in daily activities? Is it the same as Eckhart Tolle? Is it the state of a butterfly or is it just a way of building a "sweet dream" and still stuck in the movie theater?

Thank you so much.
Replied on: 1:13pm 10-02-2019

Dear Thuy,

The way your question is phrased, it sounds like it has to be one or the other. I will say that neither is "right" or "wrong," or even preferable to the other. I could also say that a butterfly is naturally "here and now." But it is also free to flit about from place to place and time to time. It's both.

The teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh and Eckhart Tolle are designed to help those in the movie theater realize where they are and get up and leave, but are not necessarily applicable to someone who already walked out the back door. Unfortunately, most people who follow Hanh and Tolle end up wandering around in the back of the theater and never find the door.

3:12am 09-18-2019

Location (State or Country)

Hey Angie, I'm glad to see that my conjuring is working because I was writing about folks here and about my fondness for this group (in spite of the shadowy nature of these selfs including yours truly) and your name was in the writing and poof you immediately post.

Well I have some exciting news.

I found out that I do indeed have advice for others. I didn't think that it was appropriate, or that I could ever know what would be the thing to do for some self other than this self.

But after some deliberation I realize that I do have advice about what you should do.

Do the next thing
Replied on: 1:01pm 09-18-2019

Dear Tom,

Great book title!

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