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1:24pm 12-14-2018

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Randall, I own this book. I absolutely loved it. I read it shortly after the final traumatic event happened in my life.
I have hesitated to watch the movie because it does trigger me in many ways. My childhood, although not as extreme, was spent in isolation for the most part outside of school and... I said I was no longer afraid and I meant that, I believe I will watch the movie very soon.

Thank you, I do value this guestbook *so* very much.
10:53am 12-14-2018
Randall C Scott

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For Angie

Room https://g.co/kgs/6KxzGF

This movie presents a very vivid metaphor about how minds are forced to work in isolation and captivity that looks to me to have been inspired by Plato's allegory of the cave.
1:58pm 12-13-2018

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I can remember not trying to make the magic happen on the day I felt the spell had been broken. I had unmistakable clues and hints all around me. I felt like a child again and it was such an amazing feeling. It was as if the universe all around me was... just for me. I do enjoy the treasure hunt and after reading your response I feel much more relaxed. I think right now I 'should be' having fun and being a child again, yes along with my children. I have always hung onto the idea of being young at heart as long as I am alive. That is possible, I believe I am 'expected' to 'grow up' because well that is what the others seem to be doing. I don't have interest in what they are doing and I know that, yet I worry about what I look like to the others... both physically, mentally, and emotionally. I go back to my unusual childhood and look into my stories. I wonder when I started to believe that I was the odd one out and everybody around me was 'normal'... what a game. Still smiling... not letting go of the magic. Butterflyland is my destination, Stephen. Slow but steady wins the race :)
Replied on: 7:02pm 12-13-2018

Dear Angie,

Oh, you've uncovered so many beliefs and judgments and fears just in this one comment, you're going to very busy doing Spiritual Autolysis on all of them! But that's great! That's what the cocoon is all about. Have fun !

10:57pm 12-12-2018

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The 'magic' has faded quite a bit since I last checked in. The movie theater is much too powerful and I find myself smiling about it just now. Frustrations with daily life have returned and I forget what I know. I am upset as I type this- a little. Having two small children who depend on me is difficult. How do I balance this all out? I ask my Infinite I for 'updates' and... 'downloads' ... At times I even ask myself if I have really 'lost it' this time. I am frustrated but I am still smiling. I have seen the coding and I cannot ever deny that. Interacting with others feels even stranger now. I am not one of them. Yes, I can understand now how one can return to their seat. I have more than once- I just didn't know I was. I dream of being Free, but that feels like it can only happen after my kids leave the nest. I want them to stay small forever. That is ages from now. Is that even true? I have no idea, as I never seem to anyway. Life goes on... :)
Replied on: 11:34am 12-13-2018

Dear Angie,

Don't beat yourself up over this. It just might not be the right time for you. Jed McKenna seems to imply in a couple places that it's more important to wake up and be a human adult in the back of the theater than it is to walk through the back door into butterflyland. So take your time, relax, enjoy where you are, and keep running the Process and Spiritual Autolysis when you feel like it.

10:42am 12-07-2018
Tom Pavlik

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WA - Washington
The egoic idea that the future can be known and controlled is a string of empty promises that drains away life one moment at a time. The payment demanded is my very life. It must be devoted to the thinking.

The fork in the road lies not ahead but rather i am standing at it right now. There is a blade at the entrance to the fork on the right for the purpose of the cutting away of an ounce of my body each day. The other fork is ablaze, inconceivably hot, the false is incinerated with each step along it. Behind me is the standard model that i has adhered to for more than half a century-the cult.

24-7 self talk about protecting a self and about protecting others has been the norm for the past couple of months it has even invaded my dreams. That is enough evidence right there that something has to change-when I am afforded no quarter, not even in my dreams.

This is now not about having read about this in books. It is now about direct experience. The complete and utter futility of what i has been doing was made evident to me in a couple of ways over the course of few days. Its a gift.

i have danced round the edge of the fire for a couple of years. i've talked about the wisdom of walking into the fire and the wonderous effects without ever having done it; from the perspective of indirect experience.

Ok, enough of that for now

Every note and every lyric of every song ever written was written specifically for me. Every movie was produced just for me. There are hummingbirds on my front porch at this very moment, impossible gems of life, yet hovering there nonetheless- the maker having given them sugar water through my hands. And just now, as my fingers type this other birds are chirping their gratitude inside my ceiling, there because the maker stilled my hand from tearing out their nest to make things "tidier".

No one wants a bed of plastic flowers.
Replied on: 1:32pm 12-07-2018

Dear Tom,

Thanks again. Looking forward to your book....

12:14pm 12-02-2018
Randall C Scott

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I just stumbled onto a reply for Matic.

The Atlantic: Your Brain Perceives Reality By Hallucinating.
9:15am 11-29-2018

Location (State or Country)

North Carolina
It's not easy to put into words what it means to be a butterfly. But a friend of mine who has known me for years (before and after my cocoon) just emailed me and put it this way...

"Sometimes I think you are sitting in the calm eye of a hurricane and nothing can disturb you there any more, like a yogi."

I like that picture.
2:35am 11-28-2018

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There is one topic that I still have trouble with when it comes to processin and letting go and that is relationship with my husband... it has become increasingly hard to be detached from whatever annoys me when he does things, I don't judge him for his actions but I cannot stop but feel that there is something deep inside still that needs work and I do not know what it is. I love my husband dearly and I enjoy his company but as I said there is something that is still bothering me inside. I have told my husband about the book however he is not willingly to read it yet as he is not ready those are his words and I respect them but it makes it hard as I have a different perception of the world then he does now an drew we started to clash on a lot of things reacently....
so i was wondering if anyone has any words or advice I might consider trying or that I might spark a lightbulb in me to be able to process this discomfort...

I am very appreciative of this book and the outlook it gave me of this life. I have become much more relaxed and easy going and understanding of everything.
Replied on: 9:16am 11-28-2018

Dear Matic,

I understand how difficult it is to go through this transformation wanting those you love to come with you. Sometimes it will be true, and sometimes it won't. It seems that in your case, it won't.

So the only thing I can suggest is running the Process on the discomfort you feel when you admit that "it won't."

But more importantly, you refer to him as "your husband" quite a few times. I would do Spiritual Autolysis on the belief that he is your husband and you are his "wife." This is one of those false ego identities that you need to let go of. When you are finished, you should be able to write the same comment as above using his first name instead of "my husband" and have it make just as much sense to you and to me.

In other words, you are keeping the dance going by your own perceptions and labels of him. You have "a different perception of the world" than 99.9% of the people around you. The only thing that makes this different is that view him differently than anyone else. If you will do Spiritual Autolysis on this, it might help you realize that he is no different than anyone else around you.

1:37am 11-27-2018
Tom Pavlik

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In the movie Contact, with Jodie Foster, humans receive a full set of instructions from an extraterrestrial race allowing for the construction of a vehicle which travels through worm holes. The human engineers build the machinery and go beyond the instructions by installing a chair for Jodie be strapped into during the voyage and (for the purpose of protecting her from trauma such as humans had been subjected to during their own space voyages).

From the onset the chair begins to vibrate and shake. Jodie is jolted so violently by sitting in it that she is forced to abandon it. It continues to shake and so much so that it soon breaks free from the floor and is violently pulled into the wall, as if by an impossibly strong magnetic force. After this happens then Jodie occupies the vehicle according to the design intent, by floating in the center of the sphere.
1:01am 11-20-2018

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I can see the coding. The thing that limited me so much has now been leading the way. I can see, I am ready, and I'm playing the second half. Its as if a spell has been broken. I am no longer afraid.
Replied on: 11:21am 11-20-2018

Dear Angie,


5:05am 11-18-2018
Children - As I told before I reached my peak of limitations when my daughter was born. In fact, without her I would not reach that final point which led me to find this book. I would have continued going up the hill for who knows how long. Also I stopped assigning power to her as being a part of limitations, I now see her as a reflection of myself and someone who sets things in motion. The moment I stopped putting pressure on myself as a mother and assign way too much power to a screaming baby, I actually started to love her more and enjoy her company, and she finally stopped screaming as a bonus. It’s good to know that whatever my parenting is, she has her own plan. I see this in relationship with my mother - whatever she did and still does, it really doesn’t matter because I still have my own paths to walk and less she worries about me, easier it is for her. Same applies to me - less I worry about how my kid will grow up, easier it is for me to be her mother. When I assign my power to my mother - she limits me. When I assign my power to my daughter - she limits me. So it’s an art to let go.

Actually my game was beautifully planned - going bankrupt and becoming pregnant at the same time. This led me to move back to my mother’s house for a while and also gave me time to observe my life. I always liked to be independent, I moved out from my parents house as soon as I hit 18 so this was a part of hitting that limitation peak, being pregnant and back in the house I desperately tried to escape. Beautiful huh? All my biggest fears and limitations at once.

Also I think my wants/needs are created by Infinite I to keep the game going. My biggest limitation was to be born in a cold country and always wanting to live in tropics. I hate cold. Imagine this limitation put on a child forced to go out in a snow and cold, dreaming about palm trees and oceans 24/7, been told that you need have serious job to earn millions to travel to such places and all sorts of bullshit and obstacles to overcome. Spending years and years of creating an escape plan and playing the game. Quite interesting and challenging! I could easily say I manifested my life in tropics after 15 years of visualising but I believe Infinite I created this dream inside of me to keep me going and never be satisfied till I get to finally live where I wanted.

Money - just few weeks after reading this book and despite the fact that I’m currently unemployed, I decided to treat myself and order jeans and sweater for total of 170$. I receive both orders - everything seems fine. After 2 weeks I decided to check my bank statement and I see that I haven’t been charged. So I check PayPal and it states companies are paid, all set and I was fine with it, didn’t question anything. So I guess this was a way to show me how money works. Unfortunately, I still can’t get rid of beliefs that money needs to be earned or something needs to be sold for my bank balance to increase. Working on this daily. Actually I have big changes coming in 2 weeks so I will be able to test the model regarding how money works.

I could write and write about examples and experiences how this model fits perfectly to everything the has happened and is still happening but English is not my first language and I’m just trying my best to explain a topic which human dictionary has difficulties to cover. In any language.

And as I’m writing this, some new interesting things started to happen in the background involving “other people, money, karma etc” and I believe that I am completely alone in this. How can I be completely alone if I have a little human depending on me - I don’t know but will find out and let you know.
Replied on: 1:28pm 11-18-2018

Dear Kristen,

As I read your comment, I thought how lucky your daughter will be to grow up with the model in her life. Imagine what a difference it will make to a child to know these things from a very young age and not be limited by the old beliefs and judgments of our current social model. Well done!

1:19pm 11-17-2018
Tom Pavlik

Location (State or Country)

So far as I can tell Angie there are no others (in the sense that the society taught us that others exist) to yank.
Realizing that there are no others, but still experiencing fear about the effect that these non-others have in my life is the greatest challenge I face. Randall's message about the transformation of experience that occurs when self-protection is dropped directly relates to this; I had never posted my last name here before because I've been "protecting myself". Isn't that ironic; that until now, I started each message, here, on this site, from that standpoint of enabling of the ego?

It hasn't been that long since I came out of the cult (with a current membership of 7.7 billion). I chanted the mantras with them for more than half a century. Some elements of that Imperial Conditioning have fallen away but many still resonate.

I feel like I have been in a war zone for 50+ years, fighting for my life, dodging bullets only to learn that the war zone was a product of ego and without substance. But when the bullets fly I still feel that spike of fear and I instinctively duck. I'd like to say that I'm doing that less and less but the reality is that I'm doing it just a bit less.
I took a local job recently without really asking much about it. I don't know about the benefits, and I'm not entirely sure that I understand what I'm being paid. This job is in a completely different field for me and after years of prestigious positions I now rank little different in the pecking order than the recent college grad that we expect to hire soon.

During the first three weeks at this job the dream character with the "boss" title was presenting me with great difficulty. I could sense a snarl in his voice and it was even visible on his face when he and I engaged. There was a dread in me upon arriving each morning and I felt physically ill. So I decided to test the model and I quit. Never before had I quit a job without having another one as a "safety net".

Before I quit I told him why I was leaving and then I said "so I think I should resign". He responded in the most apologetic and sweetest way you can imagine and it had a completely genuine quality. He asked me not to quit and so after talking I went back to the desk and began working again. I am experiencing a completely different quality of relationship with him and several miracles recently unfolded associated with him and the work-place showing me that (as Angie put it) "this is NOT bullshit".

I tested the model and peeled back one thin layer of the ego by quitting. By staying I think I recognized and respected the dominant current in which I find myself. Yet the quality of the time in this new environment alternates between rewarding and then challenging as I judge it as a lesser experience compared to other experiences that I "could" be having.

I’m learning to recognize dominant currents but I’m just now, here, through this writing, realizing that I have not recognized which parts of the game are currently “in-play” and which aren’t. It is like trying to move a building in a video game that is not designed to move. I was though able to move this vulnerability thing decidedly forward through this visit here. So I hope to keep pushing that and see what happens. Maybe I will learn to more quickly recognize what is “in-play” and what isn’t…wow
Replied on: 2:07pm 11-17-2018

Dear Tom,

I really like the story of your new job. In fact, I want to say in general how grateful I am to all those who have been contributing their stories to this Guestbook in recent weeks/months. The quality of the insights, the honesty with which the story is told, are very special. This has become a place where the sharing of experiences with the model can truly help others in the process. I appreciate that very much.

11:52pm 11-15-2018

Location (State or Country)

Dear Stephen,

I was shown today in many, many ways that no- this is NOT bullshit. I had planned to write all about my day but I think its best I don't. Its too easy to fall into an ego trap.

I cannot give you enough thanks for this book. I listen with 'new ears' each time. It feels like I had one foot outside the cave and wanted desperately to yank out my loved ones whether they liked it or not. I need to do this alone, there is nothing to fear and I know that...

I still want to hear from others like me, especially Kristin (a mother) from the next page. You're the only butterfly I 'know'... just-- Thank you.
Replied on: 1:50pm 11-16-2018

Dear Angie,

Leaving the Cave (Movie Theater) without your loved ones is the most difficult part of this, I would venture to say. And when you get outside, you will want to share the incredible new world you see with those you left behind. I understand that.

But we have to remember that our loved ones - if Players in their own right - have their own Infinite I who knows much better than you or I do what is best for them, and trust their Infinite I as much as we trust our own about the timing for them to become butterflies. Otherwise it's just our own arrogance and selfishness that would want something different for them than their Infinite I wants.

A caterpillar has to let go of its loved ones if it wants to become a butterfly.

7:18pm 11-15-2018
Ana Franco

Location (State or Country)

BogotaDC Colombia
Fascinating book. I have been reading The Course In Miracles for quite a while now and I find the idea of forgiveness very similar to what Stepen proposes in Butterflies.
I found specially intriguing the quotes from UG. There is still lots of studying to do!! UG does not explain how he got to his ¨"disastrous experience".
I would love to go to the holographic workshops. Where are they?
Thankyou thankyou thankyou for your generosity and all the time you put into writing this fabulously interesting book.
Replied on: 8:11pm 11-15-2018

Dear Ana,

The Holographic Universe workshops are a series of 5 videos (each more than an hour) which you can watch streaming or download at www.holographicuniverseworkshops.com. I don't do them live any more, and this way I can offer them for free as well. A lot of the same material as is in the book, but a much more visual presentation.

5:42pm 11-14-2018
Randall C Scott

Location (State or Country)

There's a very specific algorithm to what appears in my hologram. Much like how the “internet” magically and wonderfully learns my preferences for things. That's my II doing that. Google knows a lot about what I like to search for and read about. Amazon - things I like to shop for and books and movies I might be interested in. YouTube graciously suggests short videos that might make me laugh along with topics of interest that entertain and inform me in a variety of ways. I communicate with my Infinite I by showing it, in terms of feedback, my reactions to what gets presented. There's no concern for my privacy here. I've nothing to hide from. Nothing to be afraid of. The more transparent I become, the more vulnerable I become, the more my hologram looks like what I'm truly feeling. We're still in a filtering stage as I have some old beliefs but all in all it is a pretty remarkable process. I will say this however, the stuff popping in and out of my reality these days is almost always an exact match to a preference I have. Call that manifestation if you want. Even if that preference has something to do with distilling a old well worn stubborn belief and then running spiritual autolysis. No longer needing or wanting to change, fix, or, improve my experiences leaves me feeling relaxed.
Replied on: 11:16am 11-15-2018

Dear Randall,

Excellent. I especially like "I communicate with my Infinite I by showing it, in terms of feedback, my reactions to what gets presented." Every reaction/response is a communication to your Infinite I, and the "cleaner" your reaction/responses are (i.e., free of beliefs, judgments, opinions, fears, and ego), the more they will reflect your true preferences. As I said in my book, your expressed preferences, then, can help your Infinite I decide on what experiences it chooses for you next. It's not "manifestation," because you aren't actually creating your experiences. But your preferences can definitely INFLUENCE your Infinite I's choices. And that's a great place to be and live.

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